Four Classic Watch Brands in 2010 For Gentlemen


Buying a time-piece might be described as a sheet of cake however pronouncing the brand’s name sounds somewhat complicated. Whenever you buy a wristwatch, you got to know just how to pronounce it. You need to be just clear along with your emphasis while mentioning the name of the luxury watch brand name’s title. Pronouncing the titles of those makes is fairly easier than you believe.

TAG Heuer- (tag hoy-er)

The brand is fabled for innovation, performance and precision. It expressed passion and prestige through their stunning creations. The brand has recently established a ultra modern smart opinion – TAG Heuer linked.

Longines- (lawn-zheen

Well understood for’Aviator’ range of watches,” this specific brand rules that the watch manufacturing industry with the most elegant timepieces. A Switzerland-based company was set up in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz. Aishwariya Rai Bachchan definitely encouraged the brand’s DNA -“Elegance is a Attitude” Top Reviews Site.

Piaget- (pi-yah-jay)

Ranked as 6th most prestigious jewelry manufacturer, Piaget has ever been certainly one of the earliest watch makers since 20th-century. The name is equally really as interesting since the selection of watches. With the exclusive designs and excellent time-pieces, the newest has been one of those first anyone to establish world’s most bizarre hand-wound mechanical check out.

The brand offers its own own line of pocket watches and ladies watches. Started by Louis-Ulysse Chopard at 1860, the newest has a beautiful group of timepieces that fall into a wishlist.

Jaquet-droz (Jack-we-dRoz)

The spirit of invention genuinely reflects at the jaquet-droz set of timepieces. Launched by Pierre Jaquet-Droz, the provider manufactures world-famous watch mechanics. The watches are somewhat well-known for their artful characteristics and spangled dials which boost the character of the wearer.

Bvlgari – (Bull-gar-ee)

A new owns perhaps not just watches however includes their practical jewellery, accessories, perfumes & resorts. The newest generates highly difficult mechanism and develops calibres areas. It is well-known for making geometric time-pieces.

Tissot has become the official time keeper of sport. The variety of its set is suspended in its own reliable Swiss heritage. The set speaks the elegance that is depicted in every timepiece. The charm of these watches is only luminous and also bold. Emerged with a fresh set of biker’s set named as’Moto GP’, the opinion has now turned into one of the absolute most favourite of their cyclists all over.

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